New track // MY MAN (kinkibu)

Right… my guy,

well he took me right by them stairs

He made me squirt all over the place,

hit it at once yeah I locked it twice

He had a blast but I took just... fine

No chem-sex for my baby

Now he gets off on a little G

Oh you should see him pop, my kinky boo

He looks so fine in ma’s bride costume

Right kinky boo?

Where’s that bride costume?

(Are you about to shoot?)

We mostly hide for what is worth

We fuck and stuff but we have much more

We rub-a-dub-a-dub on meds with a little care

He and I always kinda yeah... dare

He's positive to a certain extent,

he’s also sick but you could never tell

Cause History builds on pharmacies

and a bunch of pills prevent me from writing off his eulogy

And my man said:

“I ain’t no means, I’m the end.

And I go blind when I pretend.

Those viral rights you’re aiming for…

It’s like they get it tight, return it torn¨

Right, kinky boo? (My kinky boo)

Where’s that black costume? (My bride costume)

Are you about to shoot? (Are about to?)

Are you about to shoot?

My man would always hump you down

He ain’t no means he’s just the goal

My man hates how you aim for,

he's about to shoot? you never know

My man will always knock you down

He has the means he has a goal

My man hates how you're aiming for

He’s about to shoot and a bitch never know