Creamin' (1)



This is the first of several post focusing on a video piece I am working on. Eventually it will be an experimental short with a youtube-esque documentary quality, depicting cis male bodies sexual intercourse and, more specifically, prostate induced orgasm. Obviously, it will contain graphic sex.

A bit of context: I am a creative queer man who has been sexually active for more than half of my life, allegedly in a conscious manner and in a relatively heightened awareness of my male queer body. So, that was me two years ago when I experienced a true prostate orgasm for the first time. It was a total blast, nothing similar to any other sexual experience I had had before. Luckily enough, the guy who got me there perfectly knew what was going on and explained to me while it was happening. That made it so much easier for me to understand what was going on and start learning to control it. Prostate orgasm is a phenomena that freak most people out when it happens for the first time since the male body reacts in a really unexpected way.
A basic depiction of how it goes: the penis is normally limb and pretty inactive during the orgasm as everything happens inside the body. The orgasm occurs as a cycle that repeats itself over and over once, provoking the low abdomen and the pelvic floor to contract firmly and rhythmically, bringing waves of intense pleasure or, let me sell it good, of pure rapture. The trick, as usual in sex, is good breathing and controlling the involved muscles, if you get to control it (no easy task) you are a king, girl.

As a queer video-artist with an interest on pornography as system of representation this transcendental realization obviously triggered many ideas for a piece. But, as any other artist may be already thinking, to build a consistent piece from such a bowel-based experience is no easy task whatsoever.

(1.3) An important Brechtian dynamic in my video making processes is detaching as much as possible from any given personal experience that produced the desire to make a certain work. I always mention Bertolt Brecht in this regard because he gave the most useful terminology to depict this sort of creative processes in which the personal, the aesthetic and the political are heavily intertwined. I refer to the process of distancing oneself from the emotional element contained in the (personal) narrative in order to be able to analyze themes through different frameworks. That’s one of the reasons this piece is taking a long time to be conceptualized as the ramifications the topic have are so vast that it is making it hard to decide where to establish the limits politically, personally and, more importantly, aesthetically.

(1.4) It’s working title is "Creamin'". I believe it is used in the US to refer to ejaculation in men or squirting in women. I heard it from queer people of color around Brooklyn  to refer to the phenomena I'm talkin' about.