Hello world, buenos días estudio(-Blog)

Hey you all,

So this is my third attempt to maintain a studio blog on which I share work-in-progress material and ideas for a significant amount of time. All of it psychically broadcasted from the current studio I find my self at the time.

I commit to this in order to:

(1) Keep a sort of polish&conscious (as long as public) diary of how my processes evolve as part of my art making practice and essential to what I learn through it.

(2) Show and share the trial/error logic within such processes in order to:

(2.1) get feedback from people -in a one on one type of communication as there won't be no comment section whatsoever but a messaging option in the contact page       (2.2) Empathize with other artist like me out there, both struggling and reveling. Studio work is terribly lonesome.

(3) last but not least, boosting the whole thing as laziness would become public and really counter-productive in career terms.

The most important thing is work (*).



Image: Keep me all Rusty, 2018. Digital Photography.

The piece is a prop I built for the video Keep me as an Idle (2017). It is an iron circular device with a track on which an exterior arm can slide along. It is designed to hold a camera and, during its first and only usage, the lens pointed exclusively inwards, towards its center and sort of oblivious to its surroundings.

I took this picture right after moving it to my studio in my new apartment. It has direct access to this awesome rooftop you see. I keep the piece in case I have a good idea for a rebound movie in which it serves to focus on its surroundings, oblivious of its center. Something worth for re-signifying the original film,


Previous Blog Attempts


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